Joël Fourny, president of CMA France

« I will be the President of all, and above all of the usefulness, the realization and the success in the service of all the craftsmen of all the territories »

Born in 1962, Joël Fourny obtained a BEP (vocational diploma) and a Baccalaureate in wood modelling at the age of 19. He became the manager of the industrial mechanical modelling company “SIMM Modelage” in Issé (Loire-Atlantique) at the age of just 24. He is still co-director and, as a point of interest, his company made the mould for the packaging of one of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s best-known bottles.

In 1999 he took his first steps within the network of chambers of trades and crafts at the CMA Loire-Atlantique as a director. After a few internal mandates, he became president of the CMA of this department in 2010, then president of the regional CMA Pays de la Loire and vice-president of CMA France in 2016. Since then, Joël Fourny sat in several committees and chaired the “Economic and Territorial Development” committee.

Following the passing of Bernard Stalter in April 2020, he was elected President of CMA France on June 2020. He took up his predecessor’s legacy at national level. In the context of the health and economic crisis caused by Covid-19, he has focused his actions on a sustainable recovery for the local economy, trades and vocational training. While devoting all its energy to this challenges in full continuity with his predecessor, Mr Founry is well aware of long-term struggles for the enterprises, such as business transfer, the adaptation of the training offer, the development of the local economy, the preservation of balance between territories, and the evolution of the network of the Chambers. He was re-elected on December 8, 2021 at the head of CMA France for a five-year term.

Pragmatic and well-versed in the issues facing trades and crafts, Joël Fourny is characterised by his willingness to work in partnership and continues his engagement in other professional organisations. He is vice-president of the “Confédération nationale de l’artisanat des métiers et des services” (CNAMS) Loire-Atlantique et Pays de la Loire and deputy treasurer of its national branch. He also sits in the boards of directors of the “Union des entreprises de proximité” (U2P) and is vice-president of SMEunited. Finally, he has been President of the National Federation of Craftsmen and Small Metalworkers (FNAPEM) since 2011.

Joël Fourny is also a member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC), within the trades and crafts group.

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